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Cheese Knives

Cheese Knives

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Imagine in front of you: the perfect cheeseboard. You spent hours planning all the pairings, visiting your local cheesemonger, and finally, assembling your masterpiece. Just one problem: basic flatware just doesn’t cut it—literally.

Your kitchen knife is too big and unwieldy, and your table knife doesn’t have the oomph to cut through dense parmesan or the finesse to gracefully glide through a soft, creamy blue. Thankfully, there’s a feta way. Welcome to the world of cheese knives. 

Just like chefs in the kitchen have different knives for cutting different fruits, veggies, or meats, cheese lovers use different knives for different cheeses. Soft cheeses require perforated or thin blades to prevent the cheese from sticking, while hard cheeses like parmesan require a stout blade to chip away small pieces. Each shape has a specific purpose!

Our unique cheese knives are engraved with different cheesy sayings to help entertain your guests.  They can also be customized just for you, if you would like.

You get a set of three knives - Flat cheese knife, Narrow Plane knife, and Parmesan cheese knife, for one low price!



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