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Charcuterie-Dinner Board

Charcuterie-Dinner Board

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Why Charcuterie or Dinner Platters?

  • Easier cleanup and less dishes. 
  • AMAZING party presentation. 
  • Gives picky eaters (adults included) an easy way to try different foods without committing to a full serving. 
  • Easy to throw together. 

From the French chair for meat and cuit for cooked, charcuterie is simply the art of preserving meat. Charcuterie (pronounced shar-KOO-tuh-ree) has been around for centuries and, much like cheese, became popular because it kept food around for longer — the heart of charcuterie is frugality.  Plan for 6 oz per person. 

This large dinner board is  made with bird's eye maple bordered in walnut. 




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