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From Trees to Tables: Our Journey from Fruit Harvests to Woodworking

Hey there, fellow readers! We're Marlee and Scott, and we're here to share the incredible journey we've embarked on since leaving the bustle of the NE heights in Albuquerque behind and venturing into the charm of the South Valley. It's been quite the adventure, full of unexpected twists, bountiful harvests, and newfound passions.

In November of 2020, after 26 years of city living, Marlee finally convinced me, Scott, that it was time to make a change. And change we did - we found ourselves the proud owners of a spacious 1 ½ acre property nestled in the heart of the South Valley. Little did we know that this seemingly unassuming land would become the canvas for our journey into the world of gardening, harvesting, and eventually woodworking.

When spring rolled around, we eagerly took to the earth, planting vegetables and tending to the blossoming trees. We watched in awe as leaves sprouted and flowers bloomed. We were particularly excited about two cherry trees we discovered, a delightful revelation that especially thrilled Marlee, who has a soft spot for cherries.

As the seasons shifted, our excitement grew. The blackberry brambles, which we had diligently cared for, produced an abundance of succulent fruit by June. But they weren't alone in their generosity. As if Mother Nature herself was rewarding our efforts, we discovered that not only were the cherry trees bearing fruit, but twelve other trees had joined the fruit-bearing festivities. And that wasn't all – four apple trees and a charming fig bush-turned-tree were also part of our garden bounty.

With such an overflowing harvest, it was clear that two people couldn't possibly consume it all. So, we turned to the kitchen, experimenting with preserving techniques and crafting delicious jams and jellies. Our pantry quickly filled with jars of vibrant colors and mouthwatering flavors, a testament to the abundance of our land.

As 2022 dawned, our harvests grew even more abundant, and an idea began to take shape – what if we shared our bounty with the world? Farmer's Markets seemed like the ideal platform, and we eagerly explored our options. Unfortunately, the South Valley Grower's Market and the Bosque Farm Farmer's Market had already reached vendor capacity for the season.

But fate had other plans. One day, while Marlee was browsing, she stumbled upon an advertisement for the Saturday Morning's on Becker Market in Belen – a blend of farmers and artisans market. Intrigued, we visited a couple of times and felt an immediate connection. It was here that we found our space to share our produce, jams, and newfound passion.

Our journey at the market began with its own set of challenges. However, inspiration struck from an unexpected source – a neighboring booth offering biscochito samples to entice customers. Taking a leaf out of their book, we began offering samples of homemade focaccia bread infused with our garden herbs. The idea was simple yet effective, and the fragrant bread became a magnet, drawing people to our booth.

As time passed, we tweaked our offerings, moving from produce to jams, jellies, and of course, our beloved focaccia. Yet, Scott's heart wasn't fully invested in this venture. A passion he had nurtured for years took center stage – woodworking. With a fully equipped wood shop set up at our new home, Scott began crafting charcuterie boards, bread boards, and even U.S. flags, each piece a testament to his dedication and skill.

However, it wasn't until he delved into Spanish colonial style woodworking that his heart truly sang. As a transplant from the Midwest, Scott had fallen in love with the enchanting Spanish architecture and furniture prevalent in New Mexico. His craftsmanship evolved, and he created a stunning Spanish colonial style serving tray infused with a touch of New Mexico flair. The response was overwhelming, inspiring Scott to explore this path even further.

Today, Scott's woodworking journey has expanded beyond serving trays to encompass customizations and personalizations.  From a catchy Mothers Day missive to your name emblazoned with personal art work we can work with you to make any of our items unique to you.

Our journey from the city to the South Valley has been one of growth, discovery, and reinvention. From tending to trees and nurturing the land, we've found our passions and shared them with the world. As we move forward, we're excited to keep you all updated on the twists and turns that life throws our way. So stick around, fellow adventurers, and join us as we continue to turn dreams into reality, one tree and table at a time.

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